Behind the Scenes

We are minority/veteran owned and operated, based on our Christian values putting God first, always.

Meet Your Head Stylist

ASHREI Boutique Owner

Meet Kimberly Farrally. Wife. Mom of 3 children. Follower of Christ.  4 years of experience within the Fashion + Beauty Industries.  She served 8.5 years as an Active Duty Officer in the USAF Air Force before transitioning to the Air National Guard to spend more time with her family.  Aside from her military background she's also been a software engineer for over 8 years. 

Through ASHREI Boutique, she hopes to help women exude their confidence by learning personality styling and understanding their worth.  

Kimberly experienced high-risk pregnancies with all 3 children and with that came diastasis recti and a hysterectomy.  She succumb to the same feelings most mothers have when their bodies change after pregnancy.  But, through her journey in the fashion world she has learned how to overcome those feelings by learning how to dress that builds confidence in her body again.  And, her desire to is to help every other woman out there to experience the same transformation and love for herself.


Meet Mr. Logistics

ASHREI Boutique Logistics

Meet Joshua Farrally. The second half of this husband-wife team.  Spiritual leader of the Farrally household and Air Force Veteran.

He's the face behind the scenes although sometimes will show face on our Facebook Live Sales.  He handles your shipping, data entry on the website, business operations and decisions and is currently being trained to help with customer service.

Josh loves his children and family so much he decided to be a stay-at-home dad since the beginning.  Therefore he also helps keep the family and house going, too!