Storehouse Flats Garden Party

Storehouse Flats Garden Party

Spring is here and we can’t be more thrilled! We are enjoying the spring breeze and games all around the yard.  The kids are outside playing with their friends and riding bikes.  And all the spring colors are bringing us joy!

And now, all things Spring are popping up in this month's Storehouse Flats release! We got butterflies, games and blooms…a perfect Garden Party at The Storehouse.

Pick your favorites below and be ready to click here and pre-order April 6th-10th.

Remember, you can only guarantee your favorites during the pre-orders.  So sign up to our email list and text alerts for reminders!  Text the word STOREHOUSE to 833-714-2507.


Storehouse is introducing a type of leather with this one!  These are AMAZING!!

Texture ✅
Color ✅

If you are a fan of yellow, these are for you! These remind me of water drops on a flower petal. Don’t miss out on these beauties! 

Storehouse Flats Daffodil Close-UpStorehouse Flats DaffodilBallet Flats DaffodilStorehouse Flats Daffodil Outfit

Meet Flutterby Printed Classic

Hello, little butterflies! We are so glad you are joining us! We're covering our classic printed leather in a fun butterfly and speckle print. These flats have a white background with black speckles.  How cute are these?!

Storehouse Flats Flutterby Close-UpStorehouse Flats FlutterbyStorehouse Flats Flutterby Printed ClassicStorehouse Flats Flutterby Outfit

Meet Lilac

Lilac has the same leather finish as the Sour Apple Taffy Storehouse Flats.  They're a super soft metallic suede in a gorgeous lilac.

These are soooo soft. These flats are a warm purple with a slight grid impression and are covered in a metallic pixie dust shine.

Don't worry, that pixie dust won’t dust off!!

These are so perfect for summer days!

Storehouse Flats Lilac Close-UpStorehouse Flats LilacStorehouse Flats Lilac in direct sunlightStorehouse Flats Lilac Outfit

Meet Checkmate

Checkmate is another exclusive for The Storehouse! This classic checkerboard print is in perfect colors for spring and summer with soft pink and white. These are extra soft and comfy. 

 Storehouse Flats Checkmate Close-UpStorehouse Flats CheckmateStorehouse Flats Checkmate in real lifeStorehouse Flats Checkmate Outfit

Meet Garden Mist

Garden Mist Storehouse Flats are the same leather finish as you would find on the Blue Lagoon and White Christmas flats. This finish is amazing!

They're a super easy wipe-off finish in this cool misty green with the pearly rainbow finish everyone loves. We are loving this lovely spring green!

Storehouse Flats Garden Mist Close-UpStorehouse Flats Garden MistStorehouse Flats Garden Mist in the shadeStorehouse Flats Garden Mist outfit

Meet Spring Rain Hair on Hide

This is one of my favorite leather finishes!  It's just so high-class and premium feeling.  This exclusive leather was created for The Storehouse Flats. 

It features this fun water-colored paint puddles in purples and greens.

These are a hair on hide flat that are perfect for the upcoming summer.

Storehouse Flats Spring Rain Hair On Hide Close-UpStorehouse Flats Spring Rain Hair On HideStorehouse Flats Spring Rain Hair On Hide in the shadeStorehouse Flats Spring Rain Hair On Hide Outfit

Which one was your favorite? 

Grab yours by clicking here on April 6th-10th.

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