Try Before You Buy Storehouse Flats
Try Before You Buy Storehouse Flats
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Storehouse Flats Review
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Storehouse Flats

Try Before You Buy Storehouse Flats

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We understand that keeping your feet happy is an investment. 


Unlike shopping in person, purchasing shoes online can be stressful when you don't know which size you wear, especially when you're in-between sizes or vary by brand.

So, we have created a "Try Before You Buy" program specifically for our Storehouse Flats that makes trying out your new favorite flats without any of the hassle!

  • Choose up to two sizes to try for a flat fee of $6.

  • Whether you decide to love them or not, you'll receive $6 off your next purchase to credit you back.

  • You will receive just the right shoe or just the left shoe - not both!

  • We'll send you a disposable sock to try on the ballet flats

  • We'll also send a pre-paid return label and polymailer so you can just close up the mailer and drop in your mailbox - making it hassle free!

There's no obligation to buy any just because you tried them.

IMPORTANT: We only keep 1 of each size available for this program.  They will be sent out on a first come first served basis.  Appreciate your patience.

* We are trusting you to send back the shoe, if not a theft notice will be submitted.  We know you won't be that person, but it has happened before so we have to state it here.