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Enova Cosmetics

Enova Portable Nail Lamp

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Our portable duo LED/UV combo curing nail lamp is the only lamp you will ever need. Duo combo lamp combines both LED and UV light cure technology into one lamp!

★ 100% PORTABLE: Unlike most other lamps on the market, our Portable Nail Lamp does NOT require a USB cord to use. Charge and GO!


★ FAST:  Our Portable Nail Lamp cures most gel polishes in as little 30-60 seconds.

★ EASY TO USE: Simply unfold legs and press down on the top to begin curing.

★ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: With its sleek design, your new Portable Nail Lamp can rest easily in your pocket, purse, or simply in your hand. 

★ USE ANYWHERE: Since no outlet or cord is required for use, the Portable Nail Lamp can be used anywhere, anytime.

*Curing times may vary by color and application thickness*

  • 6 W
  • Wavelength 365nm - 405nm
  • Rated input DC5V 1.2A