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Flat Socks

Women's Flat Socks

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Hate Socks? Or Annoyed When Fake No-Show Socks Constantly Slip Off Your Heel While Walking

Traditional socks can ruin a great outfit, and let's be honest... fake "no-show" socks still show.

Ever found yourself walking and the heel of your sock slips down into your shoe?  It tends to happen most when your hands are full so you try to wiggle your foot around until it's a little bearable and hope no one notices!

Then, you dig into your sweaty shoe to pull your sock back up over your heel and start seeking the closest place to wash your hands!

Put those pains to rest with Flat Socks! These fun sock alternatives have a layer of foam for cushy comfort and are trim-to-fit, so they can be used in all your favorite shoes. The best part? Throw ‘em in the wash as often as you’d like.



Cleaner feet!

The top layer helps keep the FLAT SOCKS cleaner longer by fighting possible bacteria build-up.


Less sweaty feet!

FLAT SOCKS pulls sweat away keeping comfortable environment for your foot.

Odor Control

Relieve their noses!

Advanced odor control technology helps keep your feet fresh and prevent the stink.

Soft and Cushy

Keep your feet moving!

FLAT SOCKS provides supportive foam making every step comfy.

Machine Washable

Just like socks!

Why should FLAT SOCKS be any different? Throw 'em into the wash (and dryer) as often as you like.  Don't worry, they'll hold up just fine.

Color Options

Your feet likes to be stylish, too!

With a large variety of colors and prints, you're feet will never get bored.  Plus, trendy prints are always being added to satisfy any coordinating looks your inner fashionista wants to express


  • Small fits a women's shoe up to size 11 and a men's shoe up to size 10
  • Large fits a women's shoe up to size 13+ and a men's shoe up to size 14